Artzfolio conceptualizes and creates mesmerizing and hand-crafted artworks for home essentials and luxurious household products.


Digital Art

Creative Collages

Personalized Collage Wall Art

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We embraced our inner child with Artzfolio as we put their events together in order to make memorable collages. From choosing similar fonts and color palettes, we had a fun session creating digital art. 

We also worked on creating personalized wall art, which was a bit intimidating due to its size, but exhilarating nonetheless. We are ecstatic to have joined hands with artzfolio to create art that was out of the box for Art Madness. 

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OUR Journey

Our team at Art Madness designed various creative colleges to cater different types of audiences. From focusing on different occasions to age groups to genders, we curated eye-catching and elegant collages for their e-commerce website. We hit a few speedbreaks with keeping them unique, innovative, and thoughtful; but we persevered and managed to make the colleges different and creative.

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Our Collages and Designs

Whether it be birthday parties or gender reveals or even just a polluck gathering, Art Madness has created an array of designs, art collages, and creative projects. Here are some glimpses into our work in collages, posters and sketches, and more.