Delicious flavor bursts of candies that are cherished by kids, adults, and everyone in between. Based in Noida, Delhi, Candistan makes candies relished all around India.



Brand Collaterals

Logo Design 

Business Card Designs


Logo Design

& color theme

Logo Design& color theme

The goal was to create a vibrant and eye-catching logo for Candistaan, which goes hand-in-hand with the identity design. Our creative team came together to discuss what they had in mind to keep the logo simple yet creative. We kept a sketch of a lollipop in mind while illustrating the logo and sketched out some designs intertwining the candy with the letter i from Candistaan.We used the colors pink and white to represent the simplicity and the sweetness of their products. These colors would also be prominent to toddlers and kids, which is the primary target audience of Candistaan.


THE Journey

Besides creating Candistaan’s unique logo and adhering to the brand’s color palette, we also created business cards and banners to boost their brand identity. From going through templates of old models and constructing designs for new alternatives, the design team created various templates of business cards.

We also created mock-ups to visualize the outlook of the banners and hoardings so that the clients can understand how it would look and how audiences might perceive them. Candistaan provides delicious flavors to kids and parents, and creating an identity suitable for a whole family is just what we did.

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Through our lens

Candy should not only be good to taste, it should also call our names through its packaging; and that’s exactly what we’ve done. From choosing eye-catchy colors to their wrappers and portraying them to their target audience, here are some of our works for Candistaan.