A modern dairy farm that produces 5,000 liters of milk and milk products in a day, maintaining FSSAI regulation standards. Indicow provides fresh, healthy, and hygienic cow milk. They deliver their products to customers across Delhi NCR India.


Product Packaging


Logo Design

Brand Identity

Business Card Design

Label Design

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Logo Design&
color theme

Art Madness illustrated their creative logo, which also helped build their identity as a fresh cow milk supplier. We designed the logo keeping the key star in mind: the cow. We illustrated a cow’s face with a background of the popular and typical cow skin pattern to give a sense of familiarity to the audience.


We combined the colors white and blue for the logo- white to represent purity and wholeness, and blue to represent peace and tranquility in the oceans and sky. The brand identity, product packaging and logo and label designs correlate with the color theme for the brand to communicate clearly with their target audience.

Indicow milk bottle mockup

THE Journey

From creating their brand identity to designing their product packaging, our team worked with Indicow’s team to brainstorm creative ideas and packages. The primary goal of Indicow was to introduce pure cow milk, with A1 and A2 proteins and A2 milk, with only A2 beta-casein proteins, in a fun packaging with an eye-catching logo. Besides working on the logo and brand colors, Art Madness was the designing partner when they launched their brand and our creative team envisioned many ideas for Indicow’s designs.

Indicow’s vision and goal was to build their brand and their identity with a fun and creative logo so that people would opt for pure A1 and A2 cow milk. ArtMadess helped launch their brand by working on their identity, and Indicow hoisted the flag by providing fresh and healthy products to their customers.

Indicow lable