A restaurant that envisions to fuse ancient Indian art and scriptures with authentic Indian food. Khanasutra is an amalgamation of Khana: Food, and Sutra: condensed Indian writing. They are a complete fine dining restaurant, located in Canada, that serve authentic Indian cuisine mixed with pops of caricature and color.


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Art Madness added nodes of ancient pillars or borders onto modern texts and designed the motto “pleasures of taste” to represent a combination of Khana and Sutra as well as old and new times.


Khanasutra’s vision and goal was to unite food and words in a fun manner. This was achieved by our humorous sketches that made lively conversations and by their delectable dishes that kept people coming back for more.

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THE Journey

The goal for Khanasutra was to infuse old Indian drawings and writings into the 21st century. Picking up elements of texts from Indian Sutra and adding them into the restaurant and their menu was vital to help customers transport back into the early ages. For this, our creative team immersed themselves in many original and innovative ways to replicate the Sutra and infuse them into Khana.

Our illustrators worked on making caricature drawings of old Indian scrolls and scripts and added new elements to them to make their menu creative and fun. These sketches helped customers warm up into a lively crowd and appreciate the restaurant furthermore.Caricatures of the Sutra kept the menu design light-hearted and enjoyable while the delicious food kept the customers pouring in.

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Menu Design