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Copper Vida: bringing the ancient health practice of copper water drinking with the stylish range of copper products. Keen on creating awareness and living based on ayurvedic practices, they hand-craft and manufacture copper bottles, copper jugs, copper glasses and copper utensils.


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Logo Design

& color theme

Logo Design
& color theme

The logo was derived from the family of Mandala/ Abstract designs to connect with Sanskrit and ancient times. The logo design consists of a lotus mandala symbol and three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The lotus symbolizes eternity, purity, and divinity, and is widely used as a symbol of life. The doshas were introduced into the logo as copper enriched water is beneficial for balancing all three doshas. It’s a simple artistic logo which represents ayurvedic health benefits.The abstract logo was also infused with copper colors and gradient tones as a reflection of their products.

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THE Journey

Our design team wanted to create a logo that depicts all of Copper Vida’s goals and vision: a healthy way to live with ayurvedic practices. Art Madness embarked on a journey for their complete branding, Website design, development and photo shoot. Our team wanted to brand their company with nodes and focus on ancient times, so the entire branding concept revolved around trees, nature, ayurveda, and vedic times.  Additionally, the web and UI/UX designs were also trendy and engaging to keep people engaged and informed about the benefits of copper in their everyday lives.

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Through our lens

A conceptual photo shoot of the copper vessels, surrounded by trees and plants, to provide a natural and earthy touch to the product. Naturally green backdrops with water, lotus and bamboo added candid beauty to the product photography. Copper Vida brings their product photos to life by handcrafting them with health and awareness in mind.

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