Steele Collection

Chunmun creates fashion for men- with Steele. Menswear crafted in a bespoke fashion to suit the looks of a new-age and elegant class. The apparel line-up of Steele comprises both Indian and western attire.


Concept Photography 

Marketing Strategies

Steele logo


Steele takes bespoke fashion to a whole new level. From creating high quality shirts and other clothing for men, they have proved that simple is elegant. Art Madness had a great time with the concept photography for Steele.

Bringing the simplicity of the clothing into the spotlight, and enhancing their quality and looks was a memorable experience for our team. From choosing backdrops that would not clash with the products themselves, but still brings out the clothing in the unique way was quite challenging, but it was an exhilarating experience.


THE Journey

We, at Art Madness, engaged in a concept photoshoot with Steele, and we were immersed in the shoot experience and wanted to make Steele stand out in global fashion for men.

We also performed image manipulation with different objects to create mockups representing the clothing brand.


Through our lens

High quality images and photography for high quality bespoke fashion. Here are some pictures through the lens of Art Madness.